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How to Discover and Live Your Highest Truth

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A different way to express, “Get clear about your principles and do what is right for you, not what you should do,” is to find Your Highest Truth. Following your joy is what mythology expert Joseph Campbell described in his book, The Man with a Thousand Faces.

Perhaps you aspire to lead an unconventional lifestyle, such as that of an artist, archaeologist, ex-pat, or resident of an ashram. Some individuals find it simpler than others to decide to get out of a rut. You may be so mired in a habit that you have no idea who or what you genuinely adore.

You are probably not “following your bliss” if you are dissatisfied with your life but don’t know why. Making a lot of money, accumulating material possessions, and according to social and familial expectations may not be what will make you happy.

Happiness cannot be bought with money or fame. Both happy, well-adjusted people and others with limited financial resources have committed suicide, including multimillionaire celebrities.

Finding your ultimate truth is primarily an internal process, although it can be aided and made simpler with the correct quantity of money, which varies from person to person.