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Have A Variety Of Japanese Knives In Your Kitchen

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The japanese knives are available in a wide range of sizes and forms with specialized blades for anything from slicing through tomato peel that is as thin as tissue to splitting large chicken and beef portions. Here is a list of the best Japanese knife kinds to keep around the house, along with usage guidelines for each.

Boning Knife (Honesuki)
The Honesuki is a Japanese knife style that is popular for boning and skinning small animals. Its short, triangular blade is equal in length to its handle. Although it was initially used on rabbits and poultry, it is also quite effective on fish and larger meat chunks.

Knife for Carving (Sujihiki)
The Sujihiki is the Western equivalent of a Yanagi. It is a long, narrow blade with a double edge that slices through vegetables and meats with equal ease. It is a fantastic Japanese knife type for cutting lengthy slices through fish skin or for separating fat from muscle in larger meat cuts because, like the Gyutou, it maintains the integrity of the food it cuts.

Produce Knife (Usuba)
For slicing raw fruits and vegetables without oxidation or browning that detracts from beauty and flavor, an Usuba is ideal. Although this particular Japanese knife type’s tall, rectangular blade can be used to cut through larger items like heads of lettuce, it is readily harmed by the hard pits present in the centers of stone fruits.

Knife for Slicing (Takobiki)
Sushi chefs who found the Yanagi’s rounded blade to be longer than is safe to use in small cooking spaces prefer this style of Japanese knife, known as a slicer. It is a fantastic choice for slicing raw fish and vegetables because of its razor-like edge, squared-off end, and narrow profile, which resemble those of a barber’s straight razor.