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The Video Mapping Stage Effect For Events Is Now Trending

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Video mapping technology from Event Content Dubai is one form of multimedia creation by creating an optical illusion that uses lighting techniques and projections on a particular object. This visualization of optical illusions will change fantastically into diverse forms. This change occurs from a Projection mapping that displays digital video graphics using the background of objects, the objects themselves, or a particular field.

Well, in the world of multimedia, video mapping technology is one of the visual creation techniques which are quite interesting for many visitors. One of the advantages of the stage design that we make is on visualization with the mapping technique, because in some cities, it is still very rare to use video mapping techniques, even though there are usually large companies that have contracted on various television shows.

The key word of this video mapping is projection, which is a transformation from one form to another. In the context of the video mapping projected is the scene on the video. Usually, the projected object in the form of a motion graphic or 3D animation consisting of geometric, line, and space fields shot on a white background, can use a black robe or a white wall. For the stage’s multimedia content to feel alive, the projector will usually transform these inputs into more exploratory and interesting ones, such as bending, rotating and highlighting which make the projected object the focal point observed by the audience.

At present, the application of video mapping on an entertainment stage is quite in demand by all circles, both from individuals, companies, or government agencies. “Most who those who use this innovation is usually to show or highlight the message they want to convey, such as product launch events, company birthdays, music concerts, family catering events, weddings, Christmas and New Year parties, to national events.

The price of making a stage using multimedia effects is quite varied. To determine the selling price, usually, a visual effects artist sees the difficulty level of the animated video content and the desired space on the stage of the event. The bigger the stage of the event, the more pegged the price.