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3 Threats To 코인선물 거래소!

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The 3 future threats that 코인선물 거래소 are most worried about are:

1. Livelihood Crisis

Furthermore, the most feared threat is a livelihood crisis or job loss.

As many as 30.4% of respondents are worried that in the next two years there will be an increase in the number of unemployed,
increasing poverty, as well as reducing workers’ rights such as leave, pension, and health insurance rights.

2. Failure of Climate Mitigation

Citizens of the world are also worried about the policies of the government and global business actors in mitigating climate change.
As many as 27.5% of respondents were worried that these policies would fail to be implemented, resulting in more severe pollution and environmental damage.

3. Disease Outbreak

Finally, the threat that many are worried about is the outbreak of infectious diseases.
As many as 26.4% of respondents are worried that in the next two years a new pandemic will emerge from a mutated viral or bacterial infection,
like Covid-19 which gave rise to the Delta and Omicron variants.