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How eCommerce Works You Might Know

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The development of technology greatly affects the development of human routines, one of which is commerce. We have easily shopped through eCommerce platform that can be searched on smartphones. The way get foundation eCommerce works are not much different from the way stores work in general. However, eCommerce is not limited by time and place. How eCommerce works can be divided into 4 simple stages such as:

1. Customers order products via the website
– Customers visit your shop.
– They will search for the desired product.
– After finding a product, they will select it and add it to the cart.

2. Orders and payments processed directly
– Orders will be processed through the features on your website.
– The order supervisor or the software program at the internet site will test and verify that the product is available.
– If the product is available, the customer can check out and continue the payment process.
– Customers enter shipping information (name, address, mobile number, and email) on your form or checkout page.
– The customer selects a means of payment and enters the details of his payment card.
– When the payment is complete, the customer gets a message on the website that the transaction has been made.

3. Product is packaged and ready to ship
The last step in the eCommerce process is shipping. You have to be able to make sure the delivery service you use can reach all places and also must be fast. After that, the delivery process can continue to:

Orders are packaged and ready to be shipped from the warehouse.
– The customer will receive an email that the product is ready to be shipped.
– The order is sent, and the transaction is complete

4. Products received by customers
Customers receive the products they have ordered through your online store or website.